Semester 2

Module Objective:

To teach students about energy systems and how to model them. To introduce software packages for energy systems modelling.

Module Content:

Technical, environmental, economic and market modelling of energy systems. Modelling national energy demand and supply. Macro-economic top-down modelling and techno-economic bottom up modelling. Partial equilibrium and general equilibrium modelling. Decomposition and energy intensity analysis. Modelling renewable energy systems. Introduction to specific modelling tools and software packages, including a selection of: MATLAB Simulink, LEAP, RETScreen, SAM, MARKAL - TIMES and PLEXOS.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to: - Model a country’s energy demand and supply using a simulation methodology - Model wind turbine control using a computer software simulation tool - Determine the viability of a renewable energy project using RETScreen or SAM software - Demonstrate an understanding of the key steps undertaken by Eirgrid to model generation adequacy - Model electricity dispatch with a given demand and generation portfolio using PLEXOS - Explain the key features of macro-economic and techno-economic energy forecasting models - Generate energy forecasts using simple modelling based on energy intensity.