I’m interested in understanding “E4” - energy/economy/environment/engineering - systems, specifically in using energy models to develop sustainable pathways for the energy system, encompassing energy access, climate change and air pollution. My research has addressed energy systems at national and global levels, and I engage with policymakers, civil society and academia.

Currently, I focus on studying Ireland’s decarbonisation challenge. In UCC I am the co-PI of the Government-funded [CAPACITY project]{https://www.marei.ie/project/capacity/} which aims to enhance the evidence-base for Irish energy and climate policy development. Specifically, I work with the team that develops the TIMES-Ireland Model, which develops energy systems pathways for steep decarbonisation. I am also working on a project that examines trade-offs in land use, energy and food systems in deep decarbonisation futures.

I advise the research of PhD and masters students, and welcome inquiries from prospective students whose interests match mine.

For an up-to-date list of my journal publications you can see my Google Scholar profile. I publish other articles in the Blog section of this website.

I am on the editorial boards of the journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Transition and act as reviewer for journals including Nature Climate Change, Nature Energy, Environmental Research Letters and Applied Energy.