I joined my wonderful colleagues in MaREI’s Energy Policy and Modelling Group for a public Q&A on Energy and Climate topics. The recording can be found here.

Some questions often come up in public events like this and some day I intend to write up blogs in response to each of them:

  • What can I do to reduce emissions in my own home?
  • To reduce agriculture emissions can’t we just use seaweed? Shouldn’t we discount count agriculture emissions because we export most of the products? And in any case, Ireland produces food with a low carbon footprint - so shouldn’t we produce more of it? [Quick answer: No in each case]
  • Aren’t there just too many people on the planet? Let’s deal with that first [Also: no]
  • What would you do about emissions if you were in government?
  • Should we ban burning everything in homes, even wood?